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With seven floors of striking architecture, UMoMA shows exhibitions of international contemporary art, sometimes along with art historical retrospectives. Existential, political and philosophical issues are intrinsic to our programme. As visitor you are invited to guided tours artist talks, lectures, film screenings and other events with free admission

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  • Arts Exhibition as lab experiment: methods for social change
    Arts exhibition as lab experiment: methods for social change Annette Markham, Gabriel Pereirawith Sarah Schorr Data literacy requires “a reflexive […]
  • Situational Mapping
    In my own research, I use various types of visually-oriented mapping techniques. Today, i want to talk about situational mapping, […]
  • Losing your sense of self: Ontological Insecurity
    Whether long-lived or momentary, ontological insecurity is associated with intense existential disorientation. To explore how this is connected to echolocation, it’s useful to go back to a core question such as: How do we recognize ourselves?
  • a (very) brief reminder of how hegemony works
    The various layers through which hegemony happens dull a person’s ability to notice, much less critique, how certain stakeholders’ interests are privileged over others’
  • A brief summary of ontological security
    ontological security is a sense of stability that emerges in response to the need to experience oneself as a whole, continuous person in time rather than constantly changing.