Selected courses:

2015 (Fall)

Sept-Dec: Grounded Theory Fridays. PhD course organized as book club.
Nov: Transgressive Methods. PhD course and working retreat (planned location: Barcelona)
Sept-Dec: Digital Identities.

2015 (Summer):

June 10-16: Visuality, culture, methods: Exploring the aesthetic of possibility. PhD course at Aarhus University, Denmark, in conjunction with Northside Music Festival. (with Sarah Pink and Anne Marit Waade)

2014 (full year):

Nov 24-28: Transgressive Methods: PhD course and working retreat. With Cheryl E. Ball. Skagen, Denmark.
Fall: Digital Organizations. Course for the Digital Living MA Programme
Fall: Digital Identities. Course for the Digital Living MA Programme.
Spring: Social Media. Course for the Digital Living MA Programme. With Anja Bechmann. Aarhus University, Denmark.

2013 (Fall, European Region):

December 9-11: Fieldwork in social media: What would Malinowski do? Workshop in Barcelona, dates TBA.
October 14-18, 2013: Social Science 2.0–Methods and Ethics. PhD course hosted at University of Tartu, Estonia.
September, 2013 – April 2014: Seminar Series on Pathways to Meaning: Methodological and epistemological considerations for qualitative social research. Hosted at Umea University Department of Informatics. Specific dates TBD here.

2013 (Fall, Aarhus University):

September 9-Dec 2:  Digital Identities.  A masters course associated with the new program in Digital Living.  (want to see reading list and other details? Ask to join the pbworks wiki
August 27-30, 2013:  Pathways to Meaning. A PhD course hosted at Aarhus University, taught with Lori Kendall.

2013: (Spring semester, as visiting professor at Loyola University, Chicago)

Naturalistic Inquiry: Focus on fieldwork in social media: Team taught course with Meghan Dougherty. Loyola University, Chicago
Critical Ethnography: Loyola University, Chicago
(Re)Mixing Culture: Loyola University, Chicago


Interpretive ethnography methods for digital social media contexts: Advanced Research Methods MA course, University of Helsinki (lectures on Sept 14 & Nov 22, 2011)

Researching Media Innovations: PhD course at University of Oslo’s Department of Media and Communication.

Visual Culture, Visual Methods:  A 3-day PhD course at Aarhus University’s Department of Aesthetics and Communication.  Intensive exercise based course with 32 participants from nine countries.  Taught with Sarah Pink, Anne Marit Waade, and Mette Sandbye.


Ethnography and social media: Advanced Research Methods MA course, University of Helsinki (lectures on Sept 14 & Nov 22, 2011)
Ethics of Internet Research
:  Postgraduate course at University of Manchester, UK, (November 21, 2011)
Pathways to Meaning
: Analytical Tools for Qualitative Researchers of Digital Media, Aarhus University, Denmark (w/Lori Kendall, May 9-12, 2011)
Writing as Method: University of Aarhus, Denmark (April 6, 2011, informal workshop)
Online Games Ethics: University of Aarhus, Denmark (October 2010)
Virtual Ethnography: University of Oslo,Norway (April 2008)
Qualitative research and Ethnographic methods: University of Bergen, Norway (May 2008)

2004-2007: University of the Virgin Islands

Research in the Field
Desktop publishing
Argumentation and Debate
Humanities Senior Research Seminar
Communication in the 21st Century
Public speaking
Intercultural Communication

2001-2004: University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Faculty

Metaphors of Internet
Organizational Communication
Hypertext Theory and Design
Internet and Identity
Operationalizing Communication Research
Introduction to Communication Technology
2002— student projects: making sense of 9/11
Self, Other and Cyberspace

1997-2001: Virginia Tech Graduate Faculty

Communication in the Virtual Organization (experimental online pedagogy)
Globalization, Technology, and Communication (study abroad)
Organizational Communication
Argumentation and Critical Thinking
Public speaking, Advanced public speaking

1997: Purdue University Graduate School of Business

Management Communication Skills