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Losing your sense of self: Ontological Insecurity

Whether long-lived or momentary, ontological insecurity is associated with intense existential disorientation. To explore how this is connected to echolocation, it’s useful to go back to a core question such as: How do we recognize ourselves?

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A brief summary of ontological security

ontological security is a sense of stability that emerges in response to the need to experience oneself as a whole, continuous person in time rather than constantly changing.

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Searching for ethics in representing others’ memories

August 29-30, look for the Museum of Random Memory’s latest installation at Godsbanen, in Aarhus Denmark. This time, we’re talking about data degradation, future memory, and ethics.

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echo-locating the self

Being disconnected from digital media puts the body in doubt or bring on sudden vulnerability, since there’s no continual Other with whom you’re bouncing off continual information pings. In essence, in the digital era, we echo-locate the self.