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Arts Exhibition as lab experiment: methods for social change

Arts exhibition as lab experiment: methods for social change Annette Markham, Gabriel Pereirawith Sarah Schorr Data literacy requires “a reflexive awareness of the systems of digitalization, datafication, and computation, which involves the many ways data are defined, created, and used, along with an ability to understand the greater systems within which data play a role” […]

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a (very) brief reminder of how hegemony works

The various layers through which hegemony happens dull a person’s ability to notice, much less critique, how certain stakeholders’ interests are privileged over others’

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Searching for ethics in representing others’ memories

August 29-30, look for the Museum of Random Memory’s latest installation at Godsbanen, in Aarhus Denmark. This time, we’re talking about data degradation, future memory, and ethics.