5 things I think about writing and publishing (academically speaking)

For me, writing isn’t easy. I don’t publish very much, partly because it is difficult. Here are some things I think about publishing (at least at this stage of the game)¬†

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Snowflakes, Crystals, Fractals

In this¬†workshop, we’ll discuss some creative nonlinear (crystalline) ways scholars have (and can) get out of the linear writing habit. Join us Feb 14, 2019

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Reflexivity: Some techniques for interpretive researchers

Reflexivity. We toss this word around as a key part of qualitative methods. I have been revisiting the term for a course I’m teaching. Here, I refresh my thinking by returning to some writing I published in 2009. This is a remix of some of those ideas.

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briefly: writing for process vs. writing for product

What’s the difference between writing for process and writing for product or publication? I am asked this methods question frequently enough to respond in a blogpost.

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Creating Lit Reviews as Arguments

Why write a lit review as an argument? The argument format of writing encourages you to build claims supported with evidence or reasoning. Stating your points as declarative statements (that could be answered true/false on a quiz) can help you discover your own attitudes, believes, and values….etc….

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Writing As Method: A PhD Workshop

Writing As Method: A PhD Workshop Annette Markham [addtoany] Writing as Method, a PhD workshop Wednesday, April 6 Aarhus University “How can I know what I think until I see what I say?” Starting with the assumption that “research procedure constructs reality as much as it produces descriptions of it” (Gubrium & Holstein, 1997, p.9), […]