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(Un)making data PhD course

In this course, professors Markham and Ellingson revive the autoethnographic focus on the researcher’s role in the process of making data.

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Netflix, imagined affordances, and the illusion of control

Netflix is not simply a mediator of the experience on its platform, but a mediator of the experience of the self. Read our forthcoming article on Netflix, imagined affordances, and the illusion of control

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Snowflakes, Crystals, Fractals

In this workshop, we’ll discuss some creative nonlinear (crystalline) ways scholars have (and can) get out of the linear writing habit. Join us Feb 14, 2019

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Searching for ethics in representing others’ memories

August 29-30, look for the Museum of Random Memory’s latest installation at Godsbanen, in Aarhus Denmark. This time, we’re talking about data degradation, future memory, and ethics.

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what’s the trolley problem got to do with it? Ethics as Method

In the special issue of Social Media + Society, authors re-envision frameworks for ethics in the 21st century, focusing on ethics as method and methods as ethic.

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Digital Ethnography PhD course at Aarhus in April 2018

Focus on conceptual and methodological frameworks for studying the use of digital media or digital technologies in everyday life, studying digital or virtual culture, or studying social contexts that are digitally-saturated.

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echo-locating the self

Being disconnected from digital media puts the body in doubt or bring on sudden vulnerability, since there’s no continual Other with whom you’re bouncing off continual information pings. In essence, in the digital era, we echo-locate the self.

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Impact Model for Ethics: Notes from a Talk

Notes and images from talk on Data Stewardship at Social Media & Society Conference preconference at Ryerson University. Impact method for Data Ethics.

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Announcing the AU Summer University 2017 Professors

We picked the 2017 Guest Professors for the Digital Living Summer University at Aarhus University. Welcome Dr. Terri Senft and Dr. Crystal Abidin

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Methods as Ethics: Slides from a recent keynote

I gave a keynote last week for the 2017 Death Online Research Symposium. To wrap up, as the fourth (of four) keynotes, I focused the discussion on techniques and vocabularies for doing research of sensitive topics, or in precarious situations